Our Expertise

Our vines all grow close to our cellars around the villages of Sacy, Chamery, Ecueil and Villedommange, typical champagne villages of the Premier Cru terroir of the Montagne de Reims.


We do all the work in the vines and with the wines ourselves.


For the different jobs that have to be done in the vineyard (pruning, tying up, de-budding, trellising, etc…) our principal tools are our own hands.  Each task is meticulously carried out to ensure the grapes we produce are of the highest quality.


We grow the three traditional champagne grape varieties, which are Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.


We are also totally independent in the fabrication of our champagnes.  Our premises are fully equipped with our own material: wine press, vats, ageing cellar… and all stages of the winemaking process are carried out by us.  


In this way all the bottles that leave our cellars are imbued with the unique personality of Champagnes Hervieux-Dumez, and carry the hallmark of our champagne house.

Notre Savoir Faire


Le pinot noir : This variety produces black grapes with white flesh.
It represents 32 to 35 % of the total production of champagne grapes. The juice is at first pinkish, taking on a straw yellow hue at the initial fermentation, and is sweet and fruity to taste.  It contributes body, good ageing qualities, generosity and a beautiful pale yellow colour.







Le pinot meunier : This black grape with white flesh covers 39 % of the total surface of vines. In the spring the young shoots are covered in a fine white down, as if sprinkled with flour, hence the name ‘meunier’ which means miller in French. It confers a smooth fruitiness on champagne.








Le Chardonnay : This variety with its  yellowish gold berries with white flesh and juice, covers 26 % of the appellation, and its finesse when grown on the chalky soils of champagne is incomparable.  It brings finesse, persistence, a diaphanous quality and a greenish gold tint to champagne.