Our History

The history of Champagnes Hervieux-Dumez is essentially one of a family, but also of know-how that has been transmitted from father to son for four generations.  

Our champagnes are made exclusively on the estate, using traditional methods.  It is true to say that every bunch of grapes, each precious bottle of our production, passes by the hand of man.  And so it is with pride that we offer elegant and authentic wines of great finesse that bear the stamp of our personality.   

Respect for nature and our terroir is primordial for us; our cultural methods are ecologically sound and sustainable, as has always been the tradition.

Today Hervieux-Dumez champagnes can be tasted and enjoyed everywhere in the world.  In every glass of champagne it is a little piece of our toil and our terroir that we share.

The origins of Hervieux-Dumez

The house of Champagne Hervieux-Dumez came into being just after the Second World War.

It was created by Henri Hervieux, a native of Pussay in the department of the Essonne, and respectively our grandfather and great-grandfather.  Henri, like most of the young men of that period, went to the front in 1914-1918 and arrived in Champagne, or to be more precise, in the small winemaking village of Sacy, a dozen or so kilometres south-west of Reims. When the war was over he got married in 1920 to a girl from Sacy,  Juliette Dumez.

Henri began working as a sales representative in the wine and spirits trade, and went to England in order to develop fluency in the language with the idea of later opening a hotel in France.  On his return it was finally to champagne making that he devoted himself, and with the aid of his wife and employing all his energy and passion he created the Champagne Hervieux-Dumez label.





A few key dates

- 1966 : 
With the growth of the business it became necessary to construct new cellars to house the extra bottles being produced.  The existing buildings and cellars were refurbished, a new wine press was installed, and additional vines were acquired.

- 1971 :
 Champagne Hervieux-Dumez became a member of the « Club Trésors de Champagne » - a select group of independent champagne producers with top quality as their objective.

- 1992 : 
The company EARL Champagne Hervieux-Dumez was created  under the direction of the two brothers, Bruno and Laurent Hervieux.  Their father André progressively stepped back to pass the management of the business to his two sons.  Also in that year a more modern and functional pneumatic press was installed.