Brut Tradition

This subtle blending of the 3 grape varieties offers lightness and fruitiness. You will find perfumes of citrus fruits, flowers and passion fruits on a mineral base. This is a balanced wine with fresh and charming expression.

This cuvée is available with higher dosage (Extra Dry or Medium Dry) to accompany your greedier moments. This wine is characterised by suppleness and roundness with a touch of freshness in the finish.


A perfect Champagne to be drunk at the aperitif or for a festive tasting. It will perfectly accompany a family lunch, with white meat and fish terrine. This is a real Champagne to share.

Brut Réserve

Real signature of our estate, this cuvée is composed of wines of the year and of 50% of reserve wines at least, coming from previous harvests and aged in our cellars.  This cuvée is a very well balanced blending of the 3 grape varieties and has a great aromatic complexity, revealing aromas of biscuit and grapefruit. The finish produces acidulous feeling and opens up for six to seven seconds in a lightly mineral atmosphere. Its large and long-lasting shape makes it a very harmonious mature wine.


A Champagne of every moment. As enjoyable to be drunk at the aperitif with puff pastry appetisers, as to accompany a dinner. It will enhance a poultry or white fish.

It also will be a real greedy moment by matching up perfectly with a cheese platter.

Brut Rosé

This rosé Champagne is a delicate blending of white wine and Champagne red wine developed in the estate and made from our most beautiful Pinots. We obtain the red wine after skin-contact maceration, then it is blended with the white wine to get a fresh and enjoyable blending.

White flowers and redcurrant are mixed with the nose.


An enjoyable instant. Appreciated at the end of a lunch, it will also match perfectly with red fruits desserts.

You will appreciate it during a sweet summer night, at the aperitif or to accompany grilled food.

Rosé Extra Brut

This elegant Rosé Champagne with subtle dosage is a blending of 3 grape varieties. The Extra-Brut dosage gives it a beautiful delicacy and intensifies the aromas of a magnificent terroir.

Both fresh and greedy, it reveals delicate notes of red fruits, redcurrant, cherry and strawberry mixed with a beautiful organoleptic richness.


This Rosé Champagne will make hearts sparkle during aperitifs. You will appreciate it as much during celebration moments as during a meal with berries or red fruits dishes in sauce.

Les Grains Blancs

Let yourself be enchanted by its delicate golden colour…

This cuvée is made from a rigorous selection of our most beautiful Chardonnay.

The first nose will make you travel into a spring-like universe with notes of flowers, in a citrus fruits background and aromas of biscuit.

Then, the expression is enriched by white peaches, grilled almonds and honey.

In the palate, this blending is lively and tonic.

Elegant and refined, the Chardonnay imposes its personality.


The notes of citrus fruits or white flowers will perfectly match with the most delicate dishes, such as scallops’ carpaccio or sushi. Or just to celebrate a unique moment with family or friends.

Les Grains Blancs – Nature

This Champagne will seduce connoisseurs and gourmets.

Thanks to the total absence of dosage, it lets express its personality completely by highlighting the essential aromas of its terroir.

An authentic cuvée characterised by its elegance, freshness and refinement, in a mainly mineral product.


This Champagne in its raw state will be appreciated at the aperitif or with a beautiful sea food platter.

Its delicate aromas of fruits and white flowers also make it a very enjoyable aperitif Champagne.

Les Grains Noirs

For lovers of fresh, enjoyable and generous wines.

This cuvée naturally offers the best part of a rigorous selection of our beautiful Pinot Noir grape variety which is 100% present in this bottle. Behind bright straw-golden highlights and vivid bubbles, you will find the fruitiness, the power and the aromatic complexity of our grapes picked up at their optimum ripeness.


Its complexity offers very interesting wine and food pairings and this cuvée will perfectly match with a hot foie gras, served with apple or citrus fruits. It will also enhance a Christmas meal with a capon or other poultry.

Cuvée des Rois de France

A gourmet wine with complex and subtle aromas.

Very beautiful blending of the 3 grape varieties, 50% of which at least are reserve wine having aged for a minimum of 60 months in our cellars.

This Champagne reveals notes of citrus fruits, brioche, grilled aromas and dried fruits.

In the palate, cleanness and freshness prevail.

The fruity aromas of Pinot Meunier, the structure and power of Pinot Noir, as well as the delicacy of Chardonnay make this “Terroir” cuvée an invitation to an initiatory trip in which authenticity and refinement are mixed.


This cuvée will enhance your most sophisticated dishes, like veal sweetbread, free range squab or white fishes such as zander or pike.  It will also accompany oysters, langoustines or lobsters.

Cuvée La Vieille Cave

Limited quantity

Power and freshness with subtle aromas of wood…

This cuvée, made from the best plots of our vineyard, is pressed with the greatest care to preserve the quality of the juices. Then, it ages during one year in an oak tank. During this time, the wine opens up, feeds on, grows, develops to achieve a perfect balance between delicacy, elegance, suppleness and roundness with light aromas of wood.

The nose evokes delicate toasted scents of vanilla, candied fruits and citrus fruits.

The palate reveals smoked notes of honey and grilled almonds.


This sophisticated Champagne will perfectly match with white meat served with mushroom sauce.

But also, with stronger meats such as game or truffle recipe.

La Spécial Club

Only created during excellent years, this Millésime, just like the Club Trésors, has been developed according to the most demanding specifications in Champagne.

Created from the 3 main Champagne grape varieties, it is subject to a blind tasting made twice, during the winemaking process. An experienced oenologists’ judging panel selects the cuvées and demands an exceptional quality.

That’s why, special attention will be given to this exceptional Champagne.

Presented into an original bottle which is the exclusivity of our quality club:  Club Trésors de Champagne, it is the jewel of our range undoubtedly.


This exceptional cuvée will be appreciated during tasting with specialists. It will perfectly match with exceptional dishes such as Bresse fattened chicken with mushroom sauce.